teespring is an excellent platform for CPA marketing. often, I’ve found myself at odds when coming up for an idea for tshirt designs, so I’ve compiled a list of resources I use when generating ideas.

using google to monitor teespring

did you know you can also use google to search against the teespring index and match against certain criteria?

  • site:teespring.com keyword
  • site:teespring.com inurl:keyword
  • site:teespring.com intitle:keyword
  • site:teespring.com “keyword” “50..100 / 50..100 sold”

pretty neat huh?

for example, if I wanted to return campaigns that have sold 50 or more shirts via google, i could type:

  • site:teespring.com ‘shirt’ ‘50..100 / 50..100 sold’

where the first parameter is your keyword, and the last parameter is a range, matching the ‘0 / 50 sold’ text portion on any teespring campaign.

here is some more information on using filters + operators with google

just shirts

stats, demographics + holidays


feel free to add them to your bookmarks and share any tools + links you use for generating teespring ideas