www.json2yaml.com released

Convert JSON to YAML online

I am a huge fan of YAML and have come to grow wary of JSON over the years for its rigid and ceremonious data structures. Sure, it supports out of the box browser support, but both data formats have large adoption rates and portability in the programming world. YAML is slim and elegent, ships with a robust spec and set of features, and while not as fast as JSON in terms of parsing, foresakes performance in lieu of simplicity.

i encourage the use of YAML wherever practical and possible. Check out the project and let me know what you think!


special thanks to js2.coffee/ for the design inspiration (and beautiful realtime updates between editors) & thanks to jsontoyaml.com for the original idea. gave me a lot to think about in terms of UI improvements and pushing yaml forward as a preferred data format.

also a big thanks to Sam Langberg who brought the design up to something both clean, minimal, and beautiful


use the data format that makes most sense for you project. don’t sweat the small stuff, the simplest option is usally the best.


shit. so many opinions, so little time